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On the 1st April 2007 Banglaprakash at first appeared before the public with the commitment of presenting Creative Publication. From the very beginning, Banglaprakash was able to ameliorate the quality developing her Creative and Intellectual publications.

As a result Banglaprokash obtained applause of the society of intellectuals. 'Rupkather Elish' by Arjit Madhurjo (Published in Banglaprokash) was awarded a Special Letter of Appreciation by the Canadian Government due to high standard of publishing and subject matter of the book. 'Attakatha 1971' by Nirmalendu Gun published by Banglaprokash in Ekuse Boi Mela 2008 was highly deliberated and pondered people of all levels. This book was considered one of the best 10 thoughtful books the judgement of 'The Daily Prothom Alo' and also awarded "Jemcon Literature Award'. Another book in the name of 'Vramon Katha Ebong Parish' by Nirmalendu Gun attained City Anando Alo Award. 'Chandu Chor & Raza Chokor' by poet Asad Chowdhury and 'Tutuler Ma Gash' acheived 'Euro Children Literature Award'. 'Rupkotha Noy Chupkotha' by Ashraful Alam Pintu rewarded 'M NurulKader Children Literature Awared'. In 2010 Lyricist Mahamudullah's 'Majar Sora' achieved 'Sotoder Mela Children Literature Award' and 'Jatissar' by Gazi tanjeyar achieved 'City Anondo Alo Award'.

According to Banglaprokash, Publication means some Literary works take in hand; to keep pledge and try to reach in the vicinity of reader with classical & remarkable books. Banglaprokash goes ahead to keep these pledge.

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