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Education Today

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Education Today

A concern of Omicon group

Education today is an education and career based monthly paper. It is combined with obligatory information and theory for students as they can be benefitted to build up their careers. We belief if they get right information about their future employment side by side their academic education it will be helpful for their personal success and in the broad sense the whole nation will be benefitted. Because success of a group of people is really the success of the whole nation. Education today started its journey with this spirit. Everyone is cordially invited to accompany us.

It is true that many countries of 21 centuries are being developed themselves and competing to enter into the job market. In this regards we are still behind. Our present condition is unexpected and miserable. Why this condition is being prevailing after passing four decades of liberation? This is everyone’s question. But we want to move forward with all respect. This is why we have dreamt and try to build our own path.

We have organized Education today with many-colored thoughts. We expect Education today will help its readers to build their future bright. We hope that we will be able to publish Education today in English version too in near future. Very soon Education today will explore in national and international arena.

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