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Omicon Shikkha Program and Its Programs:
Omicon Shikkha Program, a sister organization in the Omicon Group, was established in 2003. The main target demography of Omicon Shikkha Program services and outreach are Teachers and Students preferably in Omicon Group operational areas.

Vision of Omicon Shikkha Program:

Spread of education for the development of society in general and for improvement standards of education in particular and thus creation of a society free of illiteracy and poverty. We want to help peoples related with education system and helping them is our foremost target.

The mission objectives of Omicon Shikkha Program are as follows:
To promote mass education through formal and non-formal methods.
To organize facilities for education and training.
To provide financial support in the form of loans, scholarship and grants for the purpose of education.
To promote new and appropriate technologies such as satellite, Internet, distance learning methods etc. as well as innovate ideas and methods for development of education with a view to alleviating illiteracy.
To conduct research and undertake experimentation in the field of education.

In compliance with its vision and mission objectives, Omicon Shikkha Program intends to continue, gradually expand and undertake the following activities in the rural areas of Bangladesh:
Achieve universal primary and secondary education. Promotion of early childhood care and development.
Pre-primary education program for underprivileged children with a view to promoting primary education in rural areas.
Literacy program for illiterate women and adolescent girls with continuing education programs.
Skills training for Teachers and Students on income generating activities.
Awareness raising programs on various issues like health, human rights, gender equity etc.
Use of appropriate information and communication technologies for implementation of its education programs as well as promotion of ICT for the mass people of Bangladesh .
Innovate ideas and methods for development of education with a view to alleviating illiteracy and poverty.

Programs of Omicon Shikkha Program To achieve the above objectives Omicon Shikkha Program has been conducting the following programs:
Pre- school Program for poor rural children.
Early Childhood Development Program (ECD advocacy and caregiver training).
Life Oriented Education Program for Teachers and Students. Scholarship Management Program
Child Development Center Program for poor rural children.

Omicon Shikkha Program Scholarship Management Program Every year not only a good number of meritorious boys and girls in the rural areas of Bangladesh are deprived of higher education, but many of them are also compelled to discontinue their education half way through, for lack of money. Besides, many talented rural boys and girls cannot develop their skill in cultural and sport events only for lack of support. Some patronage and financial support can do wonders for them.

Omicon Shikkha Program, a member of Omicon family of companies, has introduced a scholarship management program to nurture the talents of these boys and girls. Main objectives of the program are:
Ensure school education of poor rural boys and girls.
Assist these students advance toward higher and IT education.
Find out poor rural boys and girls who have talents in cultural activities and support them to develop their talents.

Scholarship Management Program Activities of the program will be as follows:
Provide scholarship sponsored by interested persons, in his/her name or in the name of his/her beloved person, for poor school and college students in any locality chosen by the sponsors.
Provide scholarships to poor students to prepare themselves to find admissions in higher educational institutions.
Provide scholarships to poor students who are already studying in higher educational institutions.
Provide financial assistance to poor youths to pursue IT education.
Identify and financially support boys and girls with talents in cultural activities (music, drama, dance, sports etc.).
Create an opportunity for overseas Bangladeshis to contribute to the development of man-power of the country or of their own villages.

How it works:
Any sponsor may start a scholarship program by entrusting an amount of Tk. 20,000 or more with Omicon Shikkha Program. Omicon Shikkha Program will give scholarships from the income of the money to students in schools or institutions the sponsors identify, such as schools in their villages or national institutions. Or the sponsor may leave the matter of selecting educational institution and student to Omicon Shikkha Program.
If the sponsor wants to discontinue the scholarship programme, s/he or her/his nominee may do it after five years and withdraw the principal amount. S/he may also continue the program up to perpetuity.
Any amount a sponsor entrusts with Omicon Shikkha Program will be guaranteed by A Renown Bank. Dutch Bangla Bank Ltd. (the bank will give a guarantee letter to the sponsor).
The sponsor can put a name to the scholarship s/he supports financially. It may be named after his/her parents or a hero of his/her own, or any dear person, or after his/her own name.
One may give any number of scholarships in any area of Bangladesh. Omicon Shikkha Program will take the responsibility of management of the scholarships.
Every year the students will receive an amount equivalent to 6% of the amount entrusted with the Omicon Shikkha Program. For example, if a sponsor puts Tk. 100,000 in this program, scholarship amounting to Tk. 500 per month will be given to a student (or Tk. 250 to two students each) up to perpetuity or until the date the principal amount is withdrawn.
Scholarship money should be sent to “Omicon Shikkha Program, Head Office, Dhaka.” by A/C payee cheque, demand draft, pay order or by transfer to Omicon Shikkha Program account. A contract will be signed between the sponsor and Omicon Shikkha Program after GS has received the fund in its account.
Scholarship may be given at any level – primary to post graduate. Scholarship may also be given for IT or any other technology related education. It may also be provided for development of cultural skills (in music, drama, sports, dance etc.) of poor boys and girls.
Immediately after Omicon Shikkha Program receives the fund, the scholarship process will begin. GS will contact the educational institution, select student and determine the process of reaching scholarship money to the student as per the suggestion of the sponsor. After completion of all preparatory works, scholarship will begin six months after GS received the fund.
The sponsor will receive annual report Omicon Shikkha Program will send a report every year to inform the sponsor about progress of the scholarship holders. Sponsors will receive the information by e-mail or letter as they may choose. Besides, Omicon Shikkha Program will publish news on the progress of the program in its own publications.
Till April 2013, Omicon Shikkha Program has received about Tk. 2.5 lac as deposit from 12 sponsors to sponsor 66 poor meritorious students. Eminent personalities like Engr. Hasan Md. Mehedi, CEO, Omicon Group, Mr. Abu Sufian, Head of Sales and Operation, Dominox Realty, Alhaz Md. Shahidul Islam, Proprietor, Lecture Guide House and World Bank Specialist have started scholarships under Omicon Shikkha Program management.

Sixteen poor meritorious students, studying at higher secondary and undergraduate levels, are receiving financial assistance under this program. Scholarships range from Tk. 500 to 2,500. We are also conducting scholarship programs for the Omicon Foundation, SOSHI (an association of Bangladeshi students in Japan under Monbusho Scholarship program) etc.

Omicon Shikkha Program targets to reach 50 poor meritorious students with scholarship support by the end of 2013.
Omicon Shikkha Program At a Glance:

Omicon Shikkha Program is a company in the family of Omicon companies. Established in 2007, Very soon Omicon Shikkha Program will be registered with the office of the Registrar, Joint Stock Companies as well as with the NGO Affairs Bureau. Its main objectives are to promote mass education in rural areas, organise facilities for education and training, provide financial support in the form of loans and grants for the purpose of education, use information technology to bring an end to illiteracy, and development of education, promote new technologies and innovate ideas and methods for development of education, and conduct research and undertake experimentation in the field of education.
Since January 2007 Omicon Shikkha Program has been conducting Life Oriented Education Program in various districts in Bangladesh. Omicon Shikkha Program's programs also include Pre-school Program, Child Development Centre Program, Early Childhood Development Program and Arsenic Mitigation Program in various districts of Bangladesh.

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